Eric T. Ory, M.D.


Medico-legal consulting


Preliminary Review

Utilization and Workers' Chart Reviews


Dr. Eric T. Ory is a seasoned emergency medicine physician with over 25 years of full-time clinical practice since completing his residency in 1999. With extensive experience in medico-legal consulting since 2009, Dr. Ory has reviewed numerous cases, providing objective and unbiased opinions on standard of care. His background includes serving as Quality Improvement Director for the Department of Emergency Medicine, enhancing his expertise in medical management and quality assurance. Dr. Ory is dedicated to thorough and meticulous case evaluations, ensuring the highest standards in his medico-legal consulting services.

Services Provided

Medico-Legal Consulting

Offering comprehensive reviews for both plaintiffs and defendants, from preliminary evaluations to trial testimonies, Dr. Ory provides detailed and objective assessments of medical records.

Chart Reviews

Dr. Ory specializes in meticulous chart reviews, ensuring accuracy and adherence to medical standards without hindsight bias. His extensive clinical experience allows him to identify nuances in patient care.

Utilization Reviews

Available for consultation on utilization and workers’ compensation cases, leveraging his expertise to optimize patient care and resource management.

Quality Improvement Consultation

Drawing on his background as a Quality Improvement Director, Dr. Ory offers insights into improving departmental processes and patient care standards.

General diagnoses we work with:

• Acute Surgical Abdominal Emergencies

• Airway Management

• Altered Mental Status

• Cardiology Emergencies

• Dermatologic Emergencies

• Ear-Nose-Throat Emergencies

• Emergency Procedures

• Environmental Emergencies

• Diabetic Emergencies

• Gastrointestinal Emergencies

• Geriatric Emergencies

• Gynecologic Emergencies

• Head Injuries

• Hematologic/Oncologic Emergencies

• Hypertensive Emergencies

• Infectious Disease Emergencies

• Metabolic Abnormalities

• Neurologic Emergencies

• Neurosurgical Emergencies

• Ophthalmologic Emergencies

• Orthopedic Emergencies

• Pediatric Emergencies

• Procedural Sedation

• Psychiatric Emergencies

• Pulmonary Embolism

• Renal Emergencies

• Respiratory Emergencies

• Toxicology Emergencies

• Trauma

• Endocrine Emergencies

• Urologic Emergencies

• Vascular Disorders

• Wound Care

Why Choose Dr. Eric T. Ory?

With a profound understanding of the dynamics within emergency departments, Dr. Eric T. Ory stands out due to his hands-on clinical practice and dedication to quality patient care. His unique blend of academic and community medicine experience enables him to relate to both medical professionals and patients, ensuring clear communication and effective case evaluations. Dr. Ory’s commitment to unbiased and thorough reviews ensures that the standard of care is accurately represented. His extensive teaching experience underscores his ability to convey complex medical concepts in understandable terms, making him an invaluable asset in medico-legal consulting. Trust in Dr. Ory’s expertise for reliable and comprehensive evaluations, backed by decades of frontline medical experience.